There are plenty of old barns that got transformed and turned into private homes. “Just about everything you did to it was a big deal,” Penelope says of the firehouse. Seven Abandoned Buildings Transformed into Incredible Houses ... Dwellings that have been saved from the scrap heap and adapted into homes are becoming more commonplace as people strive to recycle and reuse existing structures and make them their own. But adaptive reuse differs from renovation in one important way: Not only are buildings transformed, but this second life is drastically different in purpose from the first. After the house was converted into a rental property in the 1960s, Ray continued to live there until 1972. They are all unique and they each have a beautiful story. Along the way, homeowners who have adapted nontraditional buildings into homes have learned an important secret to making such logistics flow smoothly: Choose carefully when hiring contractors. Here's what it looks like now. The group also wants the city to mandate that residential buildings vacant for more than three years must be turned over to the city and converted to … But in a neighborhood filled with vacant buildings, Kensington’s abandoned buildings have the potential to be turned into safe, affordable homes. Unfortunately the building fell into disrepair until it was purchased in 2005. This tiny home was created from a vintage converted Airstream trailer and is named 'Loretta' 26 photos of abandoned buildings that were turned into charming homes; 2 empty-nesters bought an abandoned farm in Pennsylvania for $220,000, and they've spent nearly 2 years and $150,000 renovating it. ... More: Abandoned buildings History for sale Abandoned Houses. Abandoned; Keller Williams Realty Decommissioned missile silos, former army barracks and even old prisons have been converted into homes, apartments or … This beautiful 5113 square ft home in Utrecht, Holland began its existence as the St. Jakobus Church. After the church was abandoned, an architectural design company called Zecc Architects decided to restore the property in a way where it could easily be turned back into a church if necessary. An old barn is not exactly the picture of a cozy and glamorous family home but you would be surprised to see how spectacular transformations can be. 11 Amazing Old Barns Turned Into Beautiful Homes. Via: enpundit. Church Converted into a House. This water-tower-turned-house didn’t start out as an ordinary water tower or as a house. Water Tower Creatively Converted into Sky House. 7. The building was turned over to the Freemasons in 1960 and served as the Paul Dean Lodge until 2002. Some local nonprofits, individuals, and developers are already rehabilitating them to create affordable homeownership and rental opportunities. 31 Scary Houses Turned Into Spectacular Homes Some of these rundown and abandoned houses were downright spooky, until TOH readers got ahold of … These 15 innovative conversion projects turn the unlikeliest of abandoned structures into dazzling contemporary residences while still preserving their historic features. This building was completed in 1893 as the Swedish Evangelical Lebanon Lutheran Church until the congregation outgrew the space in 1955. Adaptive reuse can mean a lot of different things, from reinventing an old school building to repurposing shipping containers as homes.At its core, the concept is about repurposing an old building into something new.
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